Great Cities campaign part 04 – One night in Alhambra

Little players knew that Bucyrus had plans for their little troupe. See, it’d take long time to recall all those awesome moments that happened when nothing really was happening – the tension between party members, the struggle of players to understand their own characters, spontaneous channeling of their Aspects…

So much things happened during those five or six sessions.

Bucyrus might be accused of many things, but there’s one field where he shines: reading people. From observation it was clear that the party was imbalanced, at least from the perspective of its members. See, there were three very sure, very capable, very resourceful girls and only one guy – Max, who strayed from his initial “crusader” path to “conspiracy theorist”, what made him a bit unreliable and kind of obsolete.

So, Bucyrus asked a friend to join his group at least for a single session and help him to create a positive equilibrium. His idea of a player character? Guy Pearce’s character in Prometheus movie. Great movie by the way.

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His version of Weyland was much younger than the one featured in the movie. We’re talking about someone resembling Elon Musk, in his pre-Tesla, oh so famous period, still struggling to commit some great invention and make a name for himself (is that a correct expression? When one attempts to become famous and rich…?).

So, Weyland was a hard working, “settle for nothing short of success” kind of guy. Both charming and ruthless when it was required, he was supposed to play the role of “black sheep”, “strange bedfellow” who – through his actions – forces the party into strengthening their ties.

His reasons to be there? Scientific conference organized in the middle of Gibraltar. His purpose in joining the crew? Unspecified. Lion was his friend and Weyland “owed” something to him. There was also a promise of getting some information relevant to Weyland’s interests – enough to risk a short stray from his path of glory…

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Great Cities campaign part 04 – One night in Alhambra

Great Cities campaign part 03 – To Morocco and back



After a few simple but puzzling encounters on the way players arrive at Fes and start to look for mysterious “Bab Mahrouk” guy, but they somehow always end emptyhanded. Rather than waste precious time chasing shadows, they spend some time researching the topic. They learn that “Bab” is no guy but a place, more precisely one of old city’s gate. Even more precisely the gate that was consumed by flames, hence the name “burned gate”.

More importantly, the gate isn’t as important as the grave players were told about. After being exiled from Alhambra, his castle in Spain, Muhammad XII also known as “Boabdil” moved with his family to Morocco and died there in poverty, abandoned and forgotten by all.

Click to visit Wikipedia's entry
Click to visit Wikipedia’s entry

He was supposed to be buried in an unmarked grave somewhere near Fesian “Bab Mahrouk”.

All pieces of puzzle match together and finally players know what they are looking for…

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Great Cities campaign part 03 – To Morocco and back

Great Cities campaign part 02 – bloodstained knife under a Spanish moon


After unsophisticated but promising start, players were led straight to Spain. Come to think about it, this part could use more development, but to be honest, there was no time for that. There was simply too many things to care about.

This is, by the way, why Bucyrus has such strong and positive opinion about official scenarios for any given role playing game: there are times when the Storyteller is too preoccupied with additional things and challenges, which leave him too exhausted to come up with an original and interesting story of his own. Official adventures are godsend in such occurrences – while they might not be played at all, they often deliver plenty of material, ideas, characters.

Anyway. Cordoba.


Prepare for a long stream of bad GMing and crappy English, presented in form of a list:

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Great Cities campaign part 02 – bloodstained knife under a Spanish moon

Great Cities campaign part 01

Today is one of those days when nothing seems right and bad memories emerge from abyss they weren’t supposed to leave.

Shadow People by Alexey Titarenko.
Shadow People by Alexey Titarenko.

Since the tragedy, Bucyrus gets those feelings from time to time and it always ends in thinking about the past and a mighty hangover next day.

Care to listen a story without the happy end?

Warning, walls of crappy English ahead!

In case you’re still reading this: it all started with us – a bunch of gamers who couldn’t decide what RPG to play next. While mechanics weren’t that problematic, we couldn’t settle for the setting (or genre for that matter). No matter how much we tried, there was no way we could form an agreement. So, we started to discuss the concept of “on-the-fly setting shift”.

The idea isn’t new, plenty of games, even those that don’t usually rely on this concept feature some means, and/or scenarios for player characters to cross the boundaries of their homeworld and venture to places unknown, be it other planets (with their own civilizations and societies), or entirely different universes.

Our solution wasn’t very different to that, we simply wanted to spice things up a bit by merging whole games instead of certain places taken from various works of fiction; the recipe for the soup we wanted to brew wasn’t dedicated to finding correct ingredients. It was about pursuing “the atmosphere”.

One thing led to another and it resulted in a campaign spanning across 10 settings or so. Unfortunately, one of players and Bucyrus’ very close friend died in an accident following New Year’s party. We were about to enter the last chapter of our campaign that weekend.

Now we won’t…

…don’t get the wrong impression, we could finish it without him. Even at that point of our campaign it wouldn’t be impossible to write out a player or two, replace them, take over their characters or something, but we went trough hell and back (literally) and we all felt that it wasn’t right to continue without him.

Exactly same thing makes it hard to just let it go.

So, here it is. A reminiscence of our story.┬áThe game was shitty, cliched, cheesy, full of tropes and dick moves, but while probably boring for everyone else, it was fun for usContinue reading “Great Cities campaign part 01”

Great Cities campaign part 01