Sad story and an opportunity

Bucyrus sees suffering everywhere he goes, so he isn’t the poster boy of reacting to it in commonly accepted way. Because of that he won’t discuss it here, but since so it happens that suffering opens a new window of opportunity:

RPGDT site started selling a bundle of books, to help a fellow gamer and game developer, who recently lost his small daughter. For mere 20$ one can buy books worth over 250$. Among them are Accursed, Necropolis 2350 and Low Life (all for Savage Worlds), A time of War (Battletech RPG, very good game), Shadowrun 5th edition, a few interesting floor plans (Modern Mall looks mighty useful) and Valiant Universe (Bucyrus heard it’s a very good superhero themed game).

So if you happen to have a 20$ and planned to make some RPG purchases, this seems like a good investment.

– Bundle itself –

Sad story and an opportunity