In defense of Prometheus’ crew

So you all meet in an inn.

Well, actually it’s not an inn, but in a futuristic bar. It’s located in some wealthy neighborhood, perhaps on a high floor of some commercial building – contemporary monument of mankind’s architectural mastery erected in New Moscow, alt-BeiJing or New Delhi II. And perhaps it happens on board of orbital space station, luxury interstellar liner, Moonbase or on Mars?

And there’s no need to say “you all” since it’s just you and the other guy. Perfect, artificial smile, 10k worth clothes, future equivalent of modern top-class cell phone and that characteristic corporate way of self-expression, part friendly, part calculating, all business.


So, Mr… I understand it’s not an easy decision to make and frankly, I’d be surprised if you wouldn’t ask for some time to think about it, but to be honest, time is not on our side and I’d really want for you to decide right here, right now.

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In defense of Prometheus’ crew