Quo Vadis Pathfinder?

Before we start: if you’re a big enemy of Pathfinder Role Playing Game, consider not reading this thread. If you’re its big fan, consider not reading this thread either. If you’re just a fellow player who likes to treat games as a hobby, please stay and enjoy. Thank you.

Bucyrus likes Pathfinder RPG. Not as much as other games, but he likes it nevertheless and it’s even despite it being very far from perfect.

The day is too short to present all its advantages and night not dark enough to cover all its flaws, be it mechanical- or fluff-wise, but there’s no denying that it’s an awesome game, one that pretty much every RPG player should be familiar with and play at least a few times.

rpg-pfrpgOne of its biggest strengths and substantial selling point is that it constantly evolves and expands. It’s like a meteor – it doesn’t stop, there’s always something new and interesting for players to await, and it will be released just month from now on. Currently, the game is so much different to what it was in its early stages, that it’s not unreasonable to assume that it’s entirely different kind of experience.

For example, look at Golarion – its default world…

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Quo Vadis Pathfinder?