Over the Edge, ye maggots, consequences be damned!

If you want to know Bucyrus’ opinion – this game is perfect.



Ok, ok, this thing deserves a few words more.

Over the Edge is a game taking place in a setting that can be described as beautiful Frankensteinian masterwork stitched together from scraps and pieces taken from fears, conspiracies, mental delusions, junkies’ nightmares and thoughts you get upon reaching that specific state of mind when you’re one sip away from declaring yourself the next incarnation of Christ.

The book resembles one vast battlefield with you – the reader – being carpet bombed with ideas and possibilities that leave you unable to not say “damn, I wonder what would happen if…

In short: it’s one clusterfuck of things that shouldn’t work together, that CAN’T work together, but they do nevertheless and man, ain’t that a beautiful thing to behold.

It tells the story of Al-Amarja, an island governed by a modern dictatorship that tries to pose as democratic and just. Funnily enough it’s also a magnet and a haven for criminals, conspiracy theorists, sorcerers, aliens, clueless tourists, fringe scientists, cyborgs, nightmarecatchers, ancient evil, things from beyond and behind (also underneath and overhead), and pretty much everything you can imagine what falls into category of “weird”.

Whatever you may think about, it’s perfectly ok to introduce it to Al-Amarja, and it will fit just great. No, really, there’s nothing wrong in playing as Adolf Hitler’s clone who somehow became vampire cyborg sociologist with split personality syndrome and an affinity for drinks made of alien brains (literally “alien brains”). Yes, it will work just great.

Seriously, the game is among one of most favorite of yours truly and there’s simply no way to explain how awesome thing it is without descending into the pit of fanatical blabbering.

So, instead of long and without a doubt biased review, let’ just settle on this:

While it certainly demands an open mind, being able to see past 80’s like design and the ability to say “screw this, I’m in the mood of experimenting” to be fully appreciated, Bucyrus thinks that pretty much every role player out there should visit the place at least once in his or her lifetime to understand how flexible and this whole “RPG” thing might be.

Strong, over the top recommendation.

Over the Edge, ye maggots, consequences be damned!