Old School Hack – Hack’em! With style!

It’s no mystery that Bucyrus loves Old School Hack.

It’s short, simple and easy to learn. It’s very open to tweaking. Unlike many others “oh it’s TOTALLY NOT D&D scrapped of some elements I didn’t like” it doesn’t try to distance itself from its roots. Far from it. It embraces the ideas of D&D and adds some new and unique solutions.

It has so many purposes.

While still being a D&D VERY LITE, it manages to deliver this specific feeling of its great-great-great ancestor. It’s an awesome way to introduce people to the rpg. It’s great when you want to quickly set up and run a session.

The only problem? It features no setting, no world whatsoever, which makes it a problematic choice for total newcomers. Aside of that? If you’re asking Bucyrus, it’s the king of small OSR-like games.


BTW, Old School Hack isn’t just one of those games only some weirdos in thick glasses talk about. It’s quite popular – it even managed to spawn a few hacks of its own, like SHADOW HACK, which is Old School Hack meets Shadowrun (Fantasy + Cyberpunk mashup). Very nice game too.

Old School Hack – Hack’em! With style!