Mutant Year Zero: Zero appeal

Bucyrus has problems with modern RPGs.

It’s not that they are bad games, far from it. It’s just that the majority of them look like, well, products. Products that are written for the single purpose of being sold and not much else. There’s no fiery passion, no ingenious, perhaps controversial or disturbing elements, no new vision, nothing. They are mostly dull, boring stuff packed in an alluring wrapping.

On the other hand, there are clever, original games that look like written in Word 6.0 in Courier Serif font, illustrated with pictures made by kindergarten kids. It’s so hard to find something merging both elements together.

Mutant Year Zero belongs to the former. It’s a game about postapocalyptic world populated by mutants, there are The Zone-like anomalies everywhere, people have to fight for everything, players are mutants and… Well…


Bucyrus has nothing more…

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Mutant Year Zero: Zero appeal