Heaven, Earth, Stephen King and Agent Cooper

Bucyrus was given a copy of some obscure game titled Heaven&Earth (3rd edition). This game is simply awesome! Imagine Twin Peaks, X-files, Supernatural and other works of fiction featuring small town full of secrets, half of which are of supernatural origin.

The mechanics is ok, nothing complicated, nothing extremely ingenious, but the setting? Man, the fictional city of Potter’s lake is just like one of those stories by Stephen King, or Dean Koontz, where author first presents some detailed background, then introduces characters and then shit hits the fan, everyone runs around screaming and the bodycount tries to break Guinness World Record.

It’s damn perfect game for a very wide arc of scenarios, from psychological horror with a hint of religious themes (“The Omen” movie), through “small community trying to survive apocalypse” (“Jericho” tv show), to classic zombie outbreak (for example “Resident Evil” video games series).

Oh, it’s also very well written – every other sentence screams “I’m an awesome concept, use me!” It’s also very nicely illustrated.

Strong recommendation.


Its homepage contains free fragments of the game – enough to not only understand what the game is about, but also to play a short scenario in the reality of Potter’s Lake.

Check it out

Heaven, Earth, Stephen King and Agent Cooper