Gadget Story #3 – Defiler

Gadgets, gadgets on the wall.
What’s new story for us all?


Interesting. What Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, half-naked girl and Gigerian landscapes have in common? Hmmmmmm…

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Gadget Story #3 – Defiler

Gadget Story #2 – Abduction

It’s Gadget Story time!

Let’s see what we’ll get this time…rpg-gadget02

How… peculiar. Two rediahr women one after another. Convenient!
Bucyrus already sees a potential story behind pictures…

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Gadget Story #2 – Abduction

Gadget Story #1 – Fire

Bucyrus thinks about a series of potential scenarios “made” by Windows Gadgets. In short: take three random images, each standing for something else and try to build a premise for RPG scenario out of this puzzle.

By the way: Bucyrus is a man of simple needs. His folders are full of sexy or horror stuff. If such elements will be randomly chosen, they will be blurred, cropped, but nothing more than that, political correctness be damned. This is no place for children, anyway.

Now, let’s get down to the business. Story#1.


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Gadget Story #1 – Fire

Windows Gadgets in the service of role-playing

They say that you don’t stop practicing your skill just because you left the training grounds. There’s some truth to that. After all, when you want to be really good at something, it must become a vital part of you and the other way around (or whatever expression is best fitting here).

Some time ago Bucyrus thought about the greatest challenge every Game Master faces, that isn’t angry players abducting him, beating the shit out of him and locking down in a cellar with no light, no food and only one bottle of awful alcoholic beverage. We’re speaking about lack of inspiration. Here’s a tiny but useful solution for such a horrible times…

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Windows Gadgets in the service of role-playing