Cosmic Patrol: a wasted potential

rpg-cosmicpatrolPlenty of people complain that things were better “back in my days“. Bucyrus thinks that we simply had more time, less to do and less to choose from, so we forced ourselves to study anything we came across which, in turn, resulted in accepting things of meager quality as “not that bad“.

Well, times changed, we have plenty of new things and alternatives popping out all the time, so we don’t have to waste time on things that require too much effort to learn. Such as Cosmic Patrol…

At first glance, the game seems interesting. It’s “retro” SF, along the lines of Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, or Rick Dangerous (Bucyrus loved that game!). It looks nice, there are interesting concepts, but unfortunately it doesn’t care enough about explaining how exactly things work and when. That makes it hard to get and results in “ummm, can’t say for sure how it’s supposed to work, so let’s say that…

Sure, there’s NO game that doesn’t involve at least a bit of “do it yourself“, or “the GM is the final arbiter“, or “you’re free to change it any way you want“. Yet, it’s no explanation for the game to be hard to understand, unclear every other paragraph and generally not intuitive.

Perhaps some massive, well supported game, featuring many players, helpful sites and other sources of information might get away with being unclear here and there, but not some small, niche product. That’s, actually, kind of… “Self-sustaining impetus“, or whatever it is supposed to be called – the idea is that a good game becomes better, because it attracts more people and they fix it, tweak it, evolve it. On the other hand, shitty, niche game becomes more niche, more shitty, since it attracts only a small number of recipients and their number is more probable to diminish with time.

Anyway. It’s a shame to see something so promising failing to deliver.

Still, the link is here.

Cosmic Patrol: a wasted potential