7 days, short list of suggested changes

Just a few suggestions made by players after our recent “7 days” session.

  • Infected should be replaced by an alien from The Thing movie.
  • One person should be selected by the GM to be Infected at the beginning of the game.
  • There should be one very powerful monster roaming the city.
  • Every character should be addicted to something.
  • On 7th day the city should be bombarded with tactical nukes. Whoever didn’t manage to leave the town – dies.
  • There should be an enormous list of random encounters filled with weird things. Players should be able to pay with Points and draw an encounter.

Definitely something to think about.

7 days, short list of suggested changes

7 days – Yet another tiny zombie game

The way the world is now leaves not much hope for a better and brighter future, at least not for the majority of us. It’s no wonder then, that people enjoy discussing various “reboot” scenarios leading to the Apocalypse and to assumed rebirth.

Probably no scenario is more favorite than zombie apocalypse. Even tough it’s impossible for zombies to exist and pose really big danger, the idea of an outbreak of some viral disease which will decimate the mankind is far from impossible.

And therefore, here’s a short, tiny game Bucyrus thought about while staying late in the hospital and studying its sturdy construction, thinking how good fortress it would make in case of an outbreak.

Awr, awwwr, I'm a zombie stripper or something
Awr, awwwr, I’m a zombie stripper or something

Here we go…

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7 days – Yet another tiny zombie game