666: character generation, quick, dirty and archetypical

Uh, oh there’s a session starting pretty soon and you forgot to prepare a character. Your GM won’t be very pleased about that.

Damn sure I won't!
Damn sure I won’t!

The worst problem aren’t the rules: you’re skilled enough to quickly roll a few dice, add numbers and finish with perhaps not an overly optimized character, but not that bad either. The real trouble lies in the fact that you don’t really know who to play.

Bucyrus often finds himself in such a situation, partially because of his inability to quickly make up a mind about anything. Yeah, there are such people who like, nay! MUST think about everything for at least a few moments before choosing the right thing. Yes, we’re fun at parties too.

Anyway, to deal with that, Bucyrus uses simplest solution possible, and no it’s not “prepare earlier a crapload of characters for every game/system you might want to play and simply choose one in right time“. No, nothing as such, even though this is a good idea too.

The solution (called “666”) is as follows:

  1. Write down 6 people that come to your mind.
  2. Write down 6 “jobs”
  3. Write down 6 archetypes

Roll 3d6, connect, and build a relevant character according to the game/setting you’re about to play.

“Halt, criminal scum!” you might shout “what if I’ll think about things not supported by the ruleset?”. The thing is, that… They are. Improvise. “A sniper” is “an archer” in a nutshell. “A politician” is “an illusionist”. “Orc” in modern times would be just a big brute with low intellect and high testosterone level. And so on, and so forth.

Shall we? Ok.

A person:

  1. Trent Reznor
  2. Kim Kardashian
  3. Hugh Everett III
  4. That idiot administrator who banned Bucyrus on Reddit… No, wait, that’s hardly a person. More like “job” or “archetype”. Let’s move him to a correct column and replace him with Svetlana, that chick from a local bookstore.
  5. While at that, Svetlana Romanova is fine too
  6. The Beast (from “X-men” comic books)

A job:

  1. A bum (What? Professional bum is damn hard job!)
  2. Space freighter pilot (Bucyrus admits he doesn’t know what exactly “a freighter” is as in “in what way it’s different to any other ship aside of warships perhaps”)
  3. A prostitute
  4. A photographer
  5. An overzealous forum moderator
  6. An assassin

An archetype:

  1. Cold, Terminator-like cyborg
  2. Whiny bitch
  3. A pro
  4. Greedy fuck
  5. A paladin
  6. A junkie

Well now… Rollin’ 3d6. 1,3,5 (huh?. Ladies and gents, let’s meet… Trent Reznor, a prostitute Paladin.

Well... Fuck
Well… Fuck

Ok, heh. Ummm, ok, Bucyrus witnessed weirder character builds. Let’s see… What game? Modern urban horror. Fitting.

The artist known as “Treant” is known of his breathtaking performances featuring deadly looking razors. While the majority of people perceive him as a simple whore, who craves for both attention and money, they don’t realize that Treant serves a higher purpose and gives away the majority of his income to various charitable organizations.

Hmmmm. Might actually work. Not bad. Not bad Mr. Reznor. Thank you for your cooperation.

See? That’s “666” in a nutshell. Nothing new, nothing very creative, still, useful. And kind of fun.

Happy gaming!

666: character generation, quick, dirty and archetypical

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