Who shall inherit the Earth?

Aaaaaaaah, Mad Max, the movie. To be honest, Bucyrus doesn’t understand why it is called “Mad Max”, how does it fit into the other Mad Max movies, and why EVERYONE, including the engine of warmachines was given more appearance and dialogue than Max himself.

Still, great movie nevertheless.

One thing caught the attention of Bucyrus. See, typical depiction of post-apocalyptic world is usually like this:

max-menYou know, band of strangely dressed, psychotic MEN roaming the world, terrorizing everyone, cannibalizing and sodomizing everything what isn’t fast enough to runaway. Also, for some weird reason people consider male offspring to be valuable, even if it’s exactly the opposite, since every woman is expected to have at least a few kids.

Anyway. Let’s think for the moment:

  • The majority of soldiers? Men.
  • The majority of whatever forces are dispatched to “control the situation” (be it police, peace corps etc). Men.
  • Who is expected to volunteer for dangerous activity? Men.
  • Who comes up with and usually executes reckless plans? Men.

On the other hand…

  • Who is more patient? Women.
  • Who is expected to stay there, guard kids and resources? Women.
  • Who lacks typical skills and physique to be selected for dangerous jobs? Women.

Conclusion: in case of a war-scenario Armageddon, the world will feature decimated population of males. In fact, it will look probably more like this:

Think about that for the moment while constructing your vision of future’s Earth. Think about that…

Who shall inherit the Earth?

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