Playing with children

Bucyrus spent last a few days in hospital. All friends were busy and couldn’t pay a visit, so in the meantime a few new ones were made – in the wing where children with cancer resided.

Bucyrus taught children how to play some tiny games like “Everyone is John”, and even attempted to sell them on some simple OSRs – at least those he was able to explain under no longer than half of an hour.

That was quite an interesting experience. Bucyrus learned something very important – all this crap we’re talking about in context of RPGs isn’t really that important. Undeniable, honest joy expressed by newbies matters. Being thankful for the possibility to forget about the reality – even if it’s only momentary – is what matters.

Playing with children every once and a while is good.

Strong recommendation.

Playing with children

2 thoughts on “Playing with children

    1. Oh no, no cynicism. Friends were really busy. Such is modern life, people have to care about so many things.

      And thanks for nice words. Mighty decent of you. Unfortunately, no chance for being healthy ever again. But it doesn’t matter. Life was good.

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